What’s Special about Skyline Workspace?


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Tracking System and other devices used

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Delivering its clients real business benefits

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Using advanced technology, Technovision s.a.r.l. offers you the Latest GPS Tracking System to locate, track and control any vehicle or motorized equipment.

With Technovisions’ product, the companies are able to report on movements of the vehicle authorized or not, ignition state and whether or not the vehicle has been tampered with.

The sensors can also sense when the particular processes are in use i.e. wheeled bin lifting and loading. This helps the managers to know that the work is being carried out and that they are reaching their contracted agreements.

Using proven GPS technology and GSM/GPRS wireless communications, Skyline has a worldwide capability for vehicle tracking, and is designed for rapid deployment and low initial cost.

Technovision is much more than a vehicle tracking system. It’s designed, and constantly upgraded to deliver real business benefits that make financial sense. Vehicle tracking, data management and security systems providing real-time data and instant visibility, help you maximize your fleet’s performance and minimize cost.

Our comprehensive and user friendly interface, maps and vehicle control modules provide a rich environment to be in “complete control” of your mobile assets.



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With a host of new features & improved useability, Skyline 7.0 sets new standards in asset monitoring and security applications. An ag- gressive development schedule is in progress to enhance Skyline 7.0





New RFID tagging systems from Enigma Vehicle Systems of Southend on Sea in Essex are designed to monitor, control and protect the use of vehicle fleets run by bus and coach operators, local authorities..


"Combating plant and vehicle theft demands co-operation": Enigma CEO January 2010Ian Keam-George, the CEO of Enigma Vehicle Systems, is calling for more co-operation between security suppliers…



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How Does It Work?

Skyline is made up of hardware, software and servers which give detailed easy to use information and reports on a twenty four hour basis. They provide map coverage worldwide using Google Earth satellite and road maps and have set the system up to give a complete security option on the vehicles.

Combining real-time data, instant visibility of vehicles, construction plant and other remote assets through our web based Windows application and using our range of proven GPS devices.

The GPS satellite constellation transmits data that the tracking device stores at 1 second intervals. This is logged within the device and transmitted by GPRS when an event occurs. Skyline servers receive this data, translate it to events & locations simultaneously populating the database and the Skyline applications. Users can access this graphically or by means of the reporting suite.

How Does It Work?

Efficiency, Security And Profitabitlity:

Today’s advanced tracking technology is continually helping improve businesses, as customers start expecting more when it comes to fast deliveries and on-time service. With Technovision GPS tracking systems, you can:

Accurately predict arrival times for improved customer service

Reduce driver tardiness and provide faster pickups and deliveries

Better manage employee time and improve scheduling.

Cut costs associated with fuel, vehicle wear and tear, and excessive idle time

Help locate and recover stolen vehicles

Resolve billing disputes.